What Can Accountability Bring?

  • Do things more effectively and with less stress.

  • Feel a sense of accomplishment in your job.

  • Develop stronger, more positive relationships.

  • Improve personal productivity and satisfaction.

Instill accountability in the workplace starting with yourself.

You will learn how to create an environment of ownership for results before the fact that creates clear agreements, execution on plans and success for your team, your organization, and yourself.

What People Are Saying About Linda

“Linda's love of her work and her passion for the accountability message is obvious. My memory of the experience of hearing her message for the first time is fresh and clear (I call it a "near Galindo" experience) and its effect on me is present daily in my work.”

Vice President of Innovation and Continuous Improvement, Inglis

Harold Strawbridge


You have an accountability problem. Underneath it you have a truth problem. It’s time to clean it up. Speak the truth. Be willing to hear the truth. Take ownership. Are you ready? You will create an accountable culture and get the results you need. Guaranteed.

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About Linda Galindo

Linda Galindo is an international author, educator, speaker, and consultant who is an expert in the field of personal and organizational accountability and high-performance team building.

Linda speaks nationally on the topics of leadership accountability and creating the culture change to bring about an accountable organization. Over the past 20 years, she has worked with CEOs, surgeons, elected officials and organizations including The Naval Reactors Facility, The Sundance Institute, Baystate Financial Services, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Park City Municipal Corporation, and Abbott.

Linda authored the 85% Solution, How Personal Accountability Guarantees Success. No Nonsense. No Excuses, Where Winners Live (co- author), and Way to Grow!
About Linda Galindo

Become the powerful personal carrier of individual accountability.

In organizations in which there is crystal-clear clarity about what’s expected to happen, how and by when, employee engagement catapults and so do business results.

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